Tuesday, May 5, 2009

OBAMA is Right! Say no to Bangalore ,yes to Bufalo!!

President Obama is right in saying " No to Bangalore ,Yes Bufalo!

Why Indians are fuming ? He is doing things which he feels is good for his country! US and Europe for that matter defines what is modern science and technology and they have every right to do what they want!

Why not Indian IT companies or any other industries invest in R & D ? innovate and design new products ,new technologies ? Why Indian IT industry only wants to serve American or European companies ?Why cant Indians develop their backyard?

Can India say no to all US goodies ?Why Indians stand in que for American Green cards?

In Last 50 years India has made no inventions ,no discoveries ,all they do hype about whats not there?

China initially started copying later innovating now competing with US and Europe? Can India do that ?

India cannot elevate its own 40 % livning below poverty line?
They want Ram temple ,Golden Temple ,Jesus Temple that temple this temple but they dont want to work ,they want money ,comforts everything without doing anything ?howa that ?

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