Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Indian Work Culture

India has one of the longest history of human habitat but still in last 70 years Indians( we all) lost our essence of living standards.

We are ready to ape the west ,use their inventions ,discoveries and then even boast about servicing the same.

We are proud of our achievements in alien lands while our own fellow citizens 65 percent of them go without square meal a day.

We as sub species of the homo sapiens sapiens have mastered the art of hypocrisy while our fellow citizens rape women and at the same time worship them as goddesses.

When it comes to work we are the best in the world in terms of hard work ( based on money)

We never bother whats our motto in life we get some qualifications for the sake of it then demand more for not working in the workplace.

One of our Indian gentleman told me in the pyramid of work and ethics ,we Indians are at the bottom of the pyramid.

We cant take negative criticism, we want all the money for not working instead talking on what all others didn't do.

Indian scenario if funny in terms of capitalist views

Government servants who jump into private sector(same selfish motive ) want to distribute the wealth others have created .

While the private sectors begs the government servants for more reforms to make more profit.

Where is the place for ethics?

Every tom and dick and harry has a degree and wants IT job for servicing .....parents encourage it !! they too want money.

If one does any other work he/she is an outcast!!

For example ,,take the education sector

Recently the supreme court made a judgement about education!!!

After the commercialization and opening up of the education

' education is not commodity and it isn't must a educational entity must provide placement or any other amenities its the duty of student to learn and gain knowledge "

In every education secots of India

Some come to teaching as they dont get any other job

some come to teaching as they can sit and eat

some come to teaching as thats easy way to make money

Very very few come to teaching for the passion and to experiment.

look at this our values in every sector of India form software to edcuation to medical industry to manufacturing ,,,,,funny

If one works and on his own then he/she is a fool and thron in the system
If one works and makes noise he/she is great person in the system

If one returns form abroad he tends to be leader with no head in the name of bringing change ....doses of the with perks
IF one passes out of the great premier institutes of India then he is the fighter who defends other people as if they dont know the laws of the land and enjoy the benefits of government perks ( interms of subsidized cost on education) though most of them arent even rated in top 100 of the world

IF one doesnt want to work then one can write loads of mails and make their presence felt

If one tends to be passionate about work and make noise then he is an idiot

If one sleeps in the chair then he is harmless cat

If one works and has the boss he gets the name

If one sits in the chair and controls everything then he called Hitler ( its waht required in present day indian context)

If one gets into a system then bring whole family ,the same language ,same community ,, same castte ,,same reilgion into the system??????

If one forgets all these then try the next things talk foul about present entity where one works and jthen ump to next entity ( in many industry this far prevelant) do the same.

After jumping for years for the sake of money sit on on on new entity as a bosss and bring it down on a day !!!

so where are our moral and ethical value !!!!!!!

Why cant we Indians work togehter and share the benefits of the hardwork????

Why is it we allways we tend find faults with others while we dont perform our duties?

Why is it we allways want more for not working??

Why is it we need benefits when we dont deserve it ????

Why is it we tend to look down upon others capabilities??

Why is it we think too much of ourselves??

Why is it we cant think neutral??

Why is it we are allways partial ??

Why is it we want everything for doing nothing????

in the next couple decades with such a mentality and meaness we are going nowehere in any domain .

Our graduates cant talk english but want IT/BPO jobs of europe /usa

Our graduates dont want to makes their hands dirty but want high profile jobs

Our graduates dont want to understand but want to change the world

So will service industry solve all our problems ,,,,,,,

While we use mobile we dont make them

While we fly we cant build aeroplanes

While waste time on movies we cant manufature a camera

While boast about ourselves the world moves to next ear buidling new things

Monday, May 31, 2010

Something personal

Life is an interesting journey !!

Nobody is perfect in homo-sapiens,,only species which can express its emotions and thought process through words which makes sense only to that species alone.

Today personally learnt very important lesson in my life.Sometimes you learn it through unexpected incident and in an unconventional way though.

It made me realize ,how I have become stuck up in very own small world ,make imaginary castle for myself and living in it ,,or its like forgotten my old ways which made to reach to the present place of mind and state ,,,,

Are my goals getting detahced or am getting more detahced emtionally ? Other than ? my passion and my work what else do I have ? am i not happy with my present state ? why i am not selfish about my self other than my work ? and how long this can happen?

ya true i will be student all my life learning new things about the universe and about myself.

Good or bad right or wrong I got to be myself at anycost !! As long that internal happiness is there things will follow soon .World is never going to be rosy bed though and theres no point in running away from unexpected events (thats qunatum mechanical system) which can have multiple solutions .the probability of each solution depends on the outcome of the event occurrence that what maths tells and that was life has been teaching me and will teach me till i kick the bucket.

Still kiddish in most of my actions which are spontaneous meaning probabilistic system?

Hey why not a thesis on how emotional volcano like me homo sapiens rabinder henry can be modelled as a system? fantastic topic thats where cognitive science starts .Wish to start it in sometime very soon !!Now back to oldways got to read some technical stuff to make things clearer been long time since i sat with some techno books !!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Why this paradox?

India is on the brink of change and its been changing on through the years since independence.But off late the things happening like

Unrest in Manipur
Dantawade Naxal Attacks
Sports damaka interms of IPL etc
Unrest in the society
Hypocrisy in the society on the rise
Attitude of the younger generation

One doesn't feel confidence about the future .Sometimes how this chaos called India works.Why is there so much divide in terms of money and opportunities while the country boasts about its short term achievements.

Why is money more valued and then human value in the society.?

Being a professor and researcher sometimes I wonder why not we Indians think with some common sense.

We are so much in talking about ourselves.but on the ground the reality is different.China is booming like anything see their infrastructure they have started creating things instead of copying things from west.

now they are turning all stones unturned to take the technology and benefit to all in the society .

Why not in India ?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My recent article in few newspaper across the country

4 Technologies and 3 idiots

The early 21st century living standards and comforts for humans ( homo sapiens sapiens ) and technology based lifestyle has been possible by the foundations laid by the breakthroughs made in Science and technology innovation through automation and mechanization during 20th century. The 22nd century of the human species is going to shaped by the Unification of Science and Convergence of Technologies in this century. Single theory which can explain the working planets and at the same time shows how atoms and particle behave. This unified science leads to the convergence of Nanotechnology ,Biotechnology ,Information Technology and Cognitive Technology which are providing the platforms for the future world. In everyday life we can observe these changes in simple gadgets and devices around us. We are already having 1 billion transistors in a processor which indicates that microelectronics will slowly phase out and give way for Nanoelectronics. Nobody would believed 20 years ago about the transparent touch screens as thin as human air available today its in the market. Cyborgs which had been in movies as imaginations are becoming a reality in laboratories through Nanobioelectronics ,Neurobiolelectronics because of convergence in biotechnology and electronics at nano dimensions. The memory resistors which are being developed can replicate functionalities of neurons laying the foundation for cognitive. Traveling in o space will become normal life style due to convergence in other technologies related to materials (Nano) ,working with living cells and materials (Bio) ,replicating through processes and decision making abilities (Cogno ) and high speed ,high quantity processing abilities through computers(IT).

The present crisis in environment ,energy ,population growth and sustainability of human species can only solved through this convergence of technologies. It agreed in the research communities that IT age will be followed by Nano age to be followed by Cogno and real Space age. Being a country of 1.3 billion population and still going strong, India’s contribution to progress of Science and Technology has been very limited in last two centuries. Off late we are becoming a country of “Service” engineers, doctors and managers at the same time geared up to use the technology created ,developed by others. Though its a Globalized world only contributors are remembered and revered .Einsteins ,Ramans, Mendels, Faradays etc will be there as long as human species alive on earth and how many Indians are there in any Science or Technology books or laws .The problems of this country can only be solved through making technology cost effective and indigenous. .This can happen only if our education system which has become a factory producing literate, English speaking laborers starts revamping itself towards quality research and give freedom to young minds to imagine and dream. Hands on experience with creativity ably footed with right theory and skills sets are requirement of the time. Young Indians students should come to research to take this country back to the glory where Science and Technology prospered 5000 years ago.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

why is it so?

Sometimes people take you for granted especially when people shortsighted and short term goals interfere your passion( deeply hurt when my passion of building things in education is blocked small petty minded people when one sacrifices all he has for the work we do.. especially to serve others Life has always taught not to be disturbed by petty things and petty people ,will bounce back by tomorrow ,,back to my labs where can i can experiment with students publish more papers learn something new everyday ,,,it will be wonderful if its going to be learning all my life........Unknown is ocean.........but of late in my life had learn t that am good to do few things that's why am here to do things ...I do appreciate diversity but its doensnt mean one has to exploited its all about co-existence ... but I don't understand why people want to take advantage what you do....is it all about fame ,,name ,,money etc,,,,,,,all these things has no meaning for me....if am successful in my experiments with indian education system ...though its has short term gains ....will able to produce excellent results in the coming years( some of which are already showing signs)........my don't care attitude propelled , helped and motivated all my life....but if somethings happens to what one's build passionately ate is disturbed by unknown and known factors ...that what hurts most........

but i wont stop......

My life based is based on a simple logic

Try ! Try! Try !

Never Say Die!!

Robert Frost!! words has been my energy all my life (since I came to know about the meaning of those few wonderful lines)

But I have promises to keep !

But miles to go before I sleep!

But miles to go before I sleep!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What the fuss all about ?

Where is the life heading ?

What it means ?

Why as human species we behave so?

Why Indian community with all its diversity is becoming such a dangerous place to live?

Why we are following such materialistic life?

what is the real meaning of life in India?

Why only few normal people lives have meaning?

What about others?

Why even in small setups like educational and academic institutions( like major ones and even smaller ones ) have such disregard for real learning , implementing good techniques and principles in life in students? Where is transparency?

Why people forget that normal humans are always forgotten?

As long as human species is alive on earth Einstein ,Newton ,Raman ,Newton and all great creators,inventors, discoverers and innovators will be remembered but business man and service class and the great politicians will be forgotten !!!

Why there are only few Indian names in the truth and beholder list/

Where is creativity in this country?

Where is everything is money and just cut ,copy & paste technology,engineering ,science and management ?

Why there is no peace in day to day life ?

Why not beautiful and simple life like we have towns and villages of Europe and other developed countries ( not usa)

Why we in this country stand in line t to other countries and while we are so proud about ourselves?

Even in the globalized world we dont have distinct mark !!!

Why ? Why?

Why there is no appreciation for new initiatives? Why no support for innovation ? Why money comes to picture?

Why so many problems in this country ? Why people die out of hunger , religion,caste, creead when the culture teaches something different???????????

Saturday, January 16, 2010

What 3 idiots has shown????

The new movie has raised the issues normally discussed in our circle.We have been trying to make learning by doing like Confusious said..........

" I listen I forget
I see I remember
I do understand "

But the Indian education system and rotten academic environment doped with half filled pots have never understood what India wants.

Any university or educational premises around the world has three important goals as understood by homo sapiens sapiens,,,,,

1. To lay the platform for inventors,discoverers,creators, innovators,designers ( not just cut and paste ..so called professionals),leaders and social animators,,

2.To create skilled human resource to make mass production of tools and equipments for the benefit of humankind through the product development based on the basic work done by group mentioned point 1.

3.To create service class to support the tools and craft developed by first two groups (service industry)

Indian education system has reached stage that it can only produce quality service professionals whether in finance or in IT or even in manufacturing.

India is ranked 122 out of 128 in terms of publication in quality of research papers whether be it in Science or in engineering or even in arts and commerce.

Many so called Indian superheros of Indian Science & Technology really don't have holistic approach or view of where technology and science is progressing .

This education system on rote learning will not and cannot sustain India in the longer run.Every product we use in day to day life either designed or manufactured outside India.

We are proud of our success in IT in last two decades,,,,,yes its true that it has generated wealth to increase the volume of middle class Indians..but what about of 30 crore below poverty line Indians.

Imagine if we Indians could create products here...... how much of technology can reach grass root level in cost effective manner.

Example: the cheapest out dated technology by one famous company like Nokia is sold for roughly 1800 to 1400 rupees.

Instead think like this....... if we could manufacture silicon device ,.design based on Indian needs and package and assemble it here the cost will come down to 500 to 600 so,,that any body can afford...

But the problem is to design such devices we need people who can make things and at the same time understand the fundamentals of science and engineering.

Ask the lakhs of Indian engineering college graduate what is smith chart??? and ask him draw for his mobile connection .... he cant do

But in developed though their popualtion is less and the number of graduates is less 90 percent will do that .....

India is the only country where 90 percent PhDs are cut and paste .......

In las 60 years not even single advanced prodcut solely developed and created in India is sold....or used by us ..

Brazil and China have reformed their edcuation systems in last two decades and see the benefits...Brazil ( 19 crore population ) builds planes Embrarer..Helibras etc ..and sells to country like India
While India still struggling to make even a single LCA for last two decades......why because we are not having enough quality human resource ....in Science & Technology...

3 idoiots has shown just glimpse lot to follow in the next blog........

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