Tuesday, March 9, 2010

why is it so?

Sometimes people take you for granted especially when people shortsighted and short term goals interfere your passion( deeply hurt when my passion of building things in education is blocked small petty minded people when one sacrifices all he has for the work we do.. especially to serve others Life has always taught not to be disturbed by petty things and petty people ,will bounce back by tomorrow ,,back to my labs where can i can experiment with students publish more papers learn something new everyday ,,,it will be wonderful if its going to be learning all my life........Unknown is ocean.........but of late in my life had learn t that am good to do few things that's why am here to do things ...I do appreciate diversity but its doensnt mean one has to exploited its all about co-existence ... but I don't understand why people want to take advantage what you do....is it all about fame ,,name ,,money etc,,,,,,,all these things has no meaning for me....if am successful in my experiments with indian education system ...though its has short term gains ....will able to produce excellent results in the coming years( some of which are already showing signs)........my don't care attitude propelled , helped and motivated all my life....but if somethings happens to what one's build passionately ate is disturbed by unknown and known factors ...that what hurts most........

but i wont stop......

My life based is based on a simple logic

Try ! Try! Try !

Never Say Die!!

Robert Frost!! words has been my energy all my life (since I came to know about the meaning of those few wonderful lines)

But I have promises to keep !

But miles to go before I sleep!

But miles to go before I sleep!

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Anonymous said...

Iv had d priviledge o cin ur thots transform in words rite in front o my eyes...Sir,ur point o view,is not doubt d practical way..but,v all hav bin cribbin ovr dis matter 4 yrs..d burden o d syst is so much..iv cin my frndz try,cripple n giv up..d change u talk bout is necessary..but lyf isn fair..a single person,if i may talk 4 myself,is pulled down in many more ways dan v can imagine..d ony tink,i wudb proud o is,if i can live ur visions sumde..sumhow..

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