Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Why this paradox?

India is on the brink of change and its been changing on through the years since independence.But off late the things happening like

Unrest in Manipur
Dantawade Naxal Attacks
Sports damaka interms of IPL etc
Unrest in the society
Hypocrisy in the society on the rise
Attitude of the younger generation

One doesn't feel confidence about the future .Sometimes how this chaos called India works.Why is there so much divide in terms of money and opportunities while the country boasts about its short term achievements.

Why is money more valued and then human value in the society.?

Being a professor and researcher sometimes I wonder why not we Indians think with some common sense.

We are so much in talking about ourselves.but on the ground the reality is different.China is booming like anything see their infrastructure they have started creating things instead of copying things from west.

now they are turning all stones unturned to take the technology and benefit to all in the society .

Why not in India ?

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