Monday, May 31, 2010

Something personal

Life is an interesting journey !!

Nobody is perfect in homo-sapiens,,only species which can express its emotions and thought process through words which makes sense only to that species alone.

Today personally learnt very important lesson in my life.Sometimes you learn it through unexpected incident and in an unconventional way though.

It made me realize ,how I have become stuck up in very own small world ,make imaginary castle for myself and living in it ,,or its like forgotten my old ways which made to reach to the present place of mind and state ,,,,

Are my goals getting detahced or am getting more detahced emtionally ? Other than ? my passion and my work what else do I have ? am i not happy with my present state ? why i am not selfish about my self other than my work ? and how long this can happen?

ya true i will be student all my life learning new things about the universe and about myself.

Good or bad right or wrong I got to be myself at anycost !! As long that internal happiness is there things will follow soon .World is never going to be rosy bed though and theres no point in running away from unexpected events (thats qunatum mechanical system) which can have multiple solutions .the probability of each solution depends on the outcome of the event occurrence that what maths tells and that was life has been teaching me and will teach me till i kick the bucket.

Still kiddish in most of my actions which are spontaneous meaning probabilistic system?

Hey why not a thesis on how emotional volcano like me homo sapiens rabinder henry can be modelled as a system? fantastic topic thats where cognitive science starts .Wish to start it in sometime very soon !!Now back to oldways got to read some technical stuff to make things clearer been long time since i sat with some techno books !!!

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