Monday, July 6, 2009

Looking Back ! Missing Europe !!!

Though am not a regular blogger ,thought sharing things that wont deplete anything !
After my long stay in Europe I came back to my country on March 1st 2005 (Swades movie played important role ).From then on I had wandered across India for about 1 year ,starting from Pondicherry, Bijnor near Meerut,Dehradhun,Jaipur and finally Pune. I had spent minimum of 3 months in each of these cities.Pune has been my home for last 4 years .I had lot of dreams to fulfill and the place where am working gave me an oppurtunity do the same.

But as time went by ,I am finding myself in a routine,my academic dreams are shattered ,my physique isnt suporting my work,but my dreams are still alive and everyday my head is spininning with new ideas and thoughts and acheivable goals.(Goal setting is taught in MBA but life has taught me that in easy ,fast and in a furious way ( thats how my head also processes thoughts sometimes)

Being born and raised in south for 20 years ,my experiences in Europe for 6 years and my yatra in India 1 year and my experiments with Indian education system for 4 years have taught me many things in my life, I came to know about myself and what I am meant to do in this life,though i travel a lot ,i dont have any saving to think like average educated Indian middle class lad getting job,married and settling down. I have understood few things about this country ,but all may not be commonly acknowledged facts.

Living in hypocratic,selfish ,money minded Indian society ,I have found myself a loner but thats what I am.(Unless you are an elevated satellite ,you cant get overall picture of the earth) .Being loner ,observer and selfish (Howard roark) about my ideas,my observation are coming true.Thoughts which are being assembled inside my head from childhood ,which were ahead of time ,are becoming true everday .

For a sample read this : When I was in my class 8th,I had sung a rap song (R & B ( Rythm and Blues) many listen to these kind of songs without understanding where it comes from ,what it is ,how it got mixed in horrible Indian movie music ) and i was made fun off for that ,today i findIndian movies full of the same,( why you want to copy the west ) irrespective of the language in which the flim is made.

India at large is capable country but its people and common man ( especailly the edcuated ones ) are responsible for the country to become one like this .

Take a look at our edcuation system ,( boasting our habit ) 1.2 crore are enrolled in higher edcaution system in a country of 141 crores? ( isnt that funny).If one wants to talk about quality in Indian edcaution system then better we commit sucide .

Will discuss in length about this factor in my next blog ,I would also like share my thoughts on society and the qulaity of the society ,,,
sample this we have 5000 years old history ,we respect woman, woman is everything in this society ( atleast in rituals ) but Delhi ,the capital has been given the name of " Rape Capital of the world ", we have aids popualton thats equivalent to the population smaller population like switzerland etc,,,hypocracy????? doesnt end here its everywhere...

most important thing ,our thought prcess ,scoiety,edcuation ,comfort,religon,ritauls,science and technology everything is linked thats what we dont understand in India,thats why we are servants to others rather than creators??????

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Am simple and broadminded.Though am born as a christian i don't follow any religion as such. Had spent some time in Europe for my post graduation, later i choose to do research and teaching in India which am very passionate about. My colleagues say my character resembles Howard Roark of Fountainhead. Am free spirited but morally grounded extremely focused, doing things which make me and others happy. Life is to be lived without compromising any of your principles.I enjoy building things ,am workaholic,am very intense and live in my own small world ,, different people have different things to say about me but am not the typical kind of person,, eccentric for some , but above all am always myself.Researching,creating ,pumping out ideas  and teaching are my hobbies.Do read when i get bored, love all kinds of music,but prefer something of a fusion or alternative kind,would love to write my ideas as book ,,very passionate about my country,,everything in my life has been around doing that very thing for a country. but i cant stand where India is heading today?!!!