Saturday, January 16, 2010

What 3 idiots has shown????

The new movie has raised the issues normally discussed in our circle.We have been trying to make learning by doing like Confusious said..........

" I listen I forget
I see I remember
I do understand "

But the Indian education system and rotten academic environment doped with half filled pots have never understood what India wants.

Any university or educational premises around the world has three important goals as understood by homo sapiens sapiens,,,,,

1. To lay the platform for inventors,discoverers,creators, innovators,designers ( not just cut and paste called professionals),leaders and social animators,,

2.To create skilled human resource to make mass production of tools and equipments for the benefit of humankind through the product development based on the basic work done by group mentioned point 1.

3.To create service class to support the tools and craft developed by first two groups (service industry)

Indian education system has reached stage that it can only produce quality service professionals whether in finance or in IT or even in manufacturing.

India is ranked 122 out of 128 in terms of publication in quality of research papers whether be it in Science or in engineering or even in arts and commerce.

Many so called Indian superheros of Indian Science & Technology really don't have holistic approach or view of where technology and science is progressing .

This education system on rote learning will not and cannot sustain India in the longer run.Every product we use in day to day life either designed or manufactured outside India.

We are proud of our success in IT in last two decades,,,,,yes its true that it has generated wealth to increase the volume of middle class Indians..but what about of 30 crore below poverty line Indians.

Imagine if we Indians could create products here...... how much of technology can reach grass root level in cost effective manner.

Example: the cheapest out dated technology by one famous company like Nokia is sold for roughly 1800 to 1400 rupees.

Instead think like this....... if we could manufacture silicon device ,.design based on Indian needs and package and assemble it here the cost will come down to 500 to 600 so,,that any body can afford...

But the problem is to design such devices we need people who can make things and at the same time understand the fundamentals of science and engineering.

Ask the lakhs of Indian engineering college graduate what is smith chart??? and ask him draw for his mobile connection .... he cant do

But in developed though their popualtion is less and the number of graduates is less 90 percent will do that .....

India is the only country where 90 percent PhDs are cut and paste .......

In las 60 years not even single advanced prodcut solely developed and created in India is sold....or used by us ..

Brazil and China have reformed their edcuation systems in last two decades and see the benefits...Brazil ( 19 crore population ) builds planes Embrarer..Helibras etc ..and sells to country like India
While India still struggling to make even a single LCA for last two decades......why because we are not having enough quality human resource Science & Technology...

3 idoiots has shown just glimpse lot to follow in the next blog........

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