Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What the fuss all about ?

Where is the life heading ?

What it means ?

Why as human species we behave so?

Why Indian community with all its diversity is becoming such a dangerous place to live?

Why we are following such materialistic life?

what is the real meaning of life in India?

Why only few normal people lives have meaning?

What about others?

Why even in small setups like educational and academic institutions( like major ones and even smaller ones ) have such disregard for real learning , implementing good techniques and principles in life in students? Where is transparency?

Why people forget that normal humans are always forgotten?

As long as human species is alive on earth Einstein ,Newton ,Raman ,Newton and all great creators,inventors, discoverers and innovators will be remembered but business man and service class and the great politicians will be forgotten !!!

Why there are only few Indian names in the truth and beholder list/

Where is creativity in this country?

Where is everything is money and just cut ,copy & paste technology,engineering ,science and management ?

Why there is no peace in day to day life ?

Why not beautiful and simple life like we have towns and villages of Europe and other developed countries ( not usa)

Why we in this country stand in line t to other countries and while we are so proud about ourselves?

Even in the globalized world we dont have distinct mark !!!

Why ? Why?

Why there is no appreciation for new initiatives? Why no support for innovation ? Why money comes to picture?

Why so many problems in this country ? Why people die out of hunger , religion,caste, creead when the culture teaches something different???????????

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Am simple and broadminded.Though am born as a christian i don't follow any religion as such. Had spent some time in Europe for my post graduation, later i choose to do research and teaching in India which am very passionate about. My colleagues say my character resembles Howard Roark of Fountainhead. Am free spirited but morally grounded extremely focused, doing things which make me and others happy. Life is to be lived without compromising any of your principles.I enjoy building things ,am workaholic,am very intense and live in my own small world ,, different people have different things to say about me but am not the typical kind of person,, eccentric for some , but above all am always myself.Researching,creating ,pumping out ideas  and teaching are my hobbies.Do read when i get bored, love all kinds of music,but prefer something of a fusion or alternative kind,would love to write my ideas as book ,,very passionate about my country,,everything in my life has been around doing that very thing for a country. but i cant stand where India is heading today?!!!