Saturday, August 9, 2008

August 10th

Secondly ,Today I thought about my country while coming back to my present place Pune,

When will this country awake ?

When will this country standup?

When will this nations souls will realize the equality not in words but in action?

When will the people of the nation will become selfless and harmonized?

When will this land can stand by its history and values?

When will hypocrisies will end in this land of gods?

When will rapes will stop in this womans land?

When will every citizen will get shelter,food and education?

When will caste be eradicated?

When will crazy media will shut it mouth?

When will looters,hypocrites ,smugglers,rapist will not enter the parliament?

When will real Science will take its root here?

When will selfish dollar servants seize to exist?

When will Cricket mania will die?

When will women able to be women ?

When will ? When will? When Will?

When will boasting about past will stop?

When will real work happen?

When will deaths for religion ,caste,creed and for seat in train will stop?

When will Creators will be born again?

When will real Scientist will be born again?

When will real philosophers will be born again?

When will Indian education system will give real education?

When will real India will happen?

When will people who do the work will given the credit?

Its a dream of many ,many work for it who never get the credit, never recognized ,many use it to make name, fame and money.

Where to start ,how to start,whom to blame -ourselves.!!!!


soumya... said...

AWESOME post sir.....

anusha said...

its a fantastic view to transform india . this is anusha from student of nriit. i had attended u r lecture and iam inspired a lot . i promise to work hard for india . plz let me know how would i be a student of u plz let me know sir iam from cse branch of nriit cse branch plz take it serious sir plzzzzzzzzz

Anonymous said...

please email

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