Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Getting to know what i am meant to do!!

For few months I was confused what am made in this life for.I inching towards it finally.I have to work ,work more, its not must everyone should have life partner,

Finally i got to know i am born to work,create, make this world a better place for others,it gives immense pleasure when i spend my time in the labs i have been creating in small way.

So i got an answer my life is work

When you are happy ,work

When you are sad work

When you are rich work harder

when you poor work more

when you are angry work

when you are emotional just work

Forget all ,just go and work things will follow


Varun said...

Great !!!

Ashok1288 said...
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Ashok1288 said...

I am also feeling in the same way...

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