Tuesday, December 2, 2008

How to transform India?

When there has been so much hype about India's IT power,the Mumbai terror attacks and other incidents shown clearly what this country lacks!!

This country need people who can create ,develop and produce things on their own!!

Its heartening and feels like poor country and cry that my own country men die because this countries security dont know how to fight urban warfare and the most shocking they dont have weapons .

Whats the DRDO'S are doing , i personally most of the scientist have eaten up government money in the name of research and foreign tours and purchase of equipments.

Why arent they able to design a simple weapon like mosquito -micro-UAV for mopping operation and for transmitting IR pictures through RF link ,which have been developed and employed by ISRAEL.?

Why how,when we can buy anything with money in this country from ration card,passport,to religion to useless politician,from a common man on street we are corrupt in our blood,to get things done in short we bribe each and everyone,if we can change our thought process we can change this country and really make it powerful

Whats the IISc and IITS doing exporting human resource to developed countries to produce and invent for them?

In the name of lack resources how long they want cheat this country ?

Even today you dont need biillion dollar investment to make breakthrough ,50 years Sir.C.V .Raman had nothing to discover Raman Effect ,today its pillar of characterization of materials.

Private educational engineering colleges run by thugs ,arrack sellers,politicians and pseudo intellectuals produce only IT servants for IT indsutry ,the money created through services have been invested in R& D and research ,why we have to depend on developed countries for technology when we boast of IITs IISc ,IT and knowledge industry,its just selfish money making attitude which blocks the growth of real talent ,inventors,discoverers innovators.

Our educational systems fails to acknowledge talents ,rather supports fake and pseudo intellectuals in the name of making money.

When we try TO Do good in this country you will be misunderstood being sahdu or fakir why so?
?We are labeled idiots who dont know how to life happily ?

If not we who will establish secure ,developed and democratic country!!

Even when our consciousness says the truth why on the basis of caste ,religion ,creed,regional basis we elect idiots ,thugs and money hungry gundas and fanatics to power.

The fault is with us,when we stop electing idiots this country can change or else we are going to face more attacks because we the people have created the loop holes.

Even after the attack on Mumbai the politicians are hijacking the show ,why arent our media responsible ? why they hype each and everything?

Again what happened 5000 year old history ,simplicity and real strength and knowledge,,,if we ask this there are hoards of religion based politicians who will exploit the emotional balance of common man to make votes?

Why not train our Police,why not provide them with modern weapons,why you want politicizes the police,why dont they have good combat skills,why do they have only century old rifles in the 21st century?

Why there arent any remote controlled surveillance and modular Robotics system for combing ,evacuation and information gathering systems?

Why arent there micro-UAV based on Swarming concepts like ISRAEL or USA for URBAN building of multi floor?

Why there is no respect for common man?Why there is no respect for simplicity?
Why there is no respect for Lives?Why there is no respect for real education ?

Where are the inventors,innovators of this country?

Where are the independent thinkers?

India my motherland ,I dont know what will happen ?

When this country will awake ?

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Ashok1288 said...

Never ever!! unless indians aren't self centered... we people are selflish among ourselves then how can be india develop which is a union of all people?. also the attitude of our students aren't like what they except is a naukri from foreign land... Most of them are doing jobs irrespective of their education, in ITs...

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