Sunday, January 23, 2011

Reality of Indian Cultute in education system

with limited exposure to administration taking over responsibility has taught lessons thats vital to understand the quality of Indian Work force.

wont work but money required;

though seen fellow Indians work hard outside India,once they are back in India ,their attitute behaviour everything changes ,they become partial and out right fanatics ,,talent resides in each and every human but its not that what they look far ,,they tend to look at others compare and try negative approach ,,

they are neither truthful to the company or association which employs them nor to themselves.

they just use the tag of been abroad and network over years for their selfish motives which is never controlled nor contained which at the end of the day harms the quality of a system

other category is the one which has all the qualifications in hand as per the indian degree systems and doesnt want to work,,because of their qualifications the system ,the big bosses of educaitonal industry in India both in public and private funded system support them

they dont bent their back but want all the laurels
if somebody works they want to take the credit

the worst of the category is the half baked suitcase carrying academicicans who just mint money in name of teaching ,,where the students are not able to comprehend whats going on....

the last of all how long indian education system is going to loath under this fake structure called education

why such huge popualtion with 127 crores brains not able to think

why is that everybody is selfish even in education system

why is that degrees on paper or more valid rather what a person can do and nor

why where are we all heading in education system

just training centres cant sustain this country in the long run

where are the real teachers professors and students why is that everybody just uses technology but not ablke to create

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Raison d'ĂȘtre said...

we're so used to aping that we cannot see anything beyond.

changes are not appreciated because some white collared douchebag will earn less.

education i wonder what it means.

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