Friday, October 28, 2011

Brazil ,China and India a comparison? So where is India heading ? Chaos --??? Will it last long with extreme divides ?

In the developing world the major contributors are Brazil, China and India. A brief analysis of the same indicates where the growth possible and the problems they face to distribute wealth and uplift the society as such to the developed state. It will be observed that while Brazil and China are touching the footsteps of Developed countries, India has just woken up towards wealth and welfare distribution. Though the countries differ in-terms of geographical and topological structures the quality of human capital what changes the equation.

Land area: Population

Brazil -5.7 % of World Land area -- 19.22 % of Total world population

China-6.5 % of World Land area -- 2.3 % of Total world population

India – 2.3% of World Land area - - 17.36 % of Total world population

This gives rough idea how the natural resources play around with the density of population, only Brazil and China have enough resources to feed the population.

As understood in simple mathematic as the population grows poverty increases in-terms of volume which is defined by standard of living though access to technology and natural resources.

Though India has achived a lot its not sufficient to feed its own people.The three factors for human species to live are food ,shelter ,health and fourth dimension can be given by adding education to the same. Its pretty clear how the poverty Index shows the state of Indian population ,still 50 % of the poluation cannot afford food per day and also shelter. China and Brazil have been able to redefine the wealth distribution.

If the head count is considered a parameter for analysis ,then its pretty clear that 55 % of the Indian population cannot afford food per day.

so per 100 people 55 people below poverty line in India (I) while Brazil ( B) and China (C) have around 21 people below poverty ,so the wealth distribution required is 2 times that of B anc C. The volume of time and GDP to be spent will more compared to B & C ,this space created a huge vacumm for I to catch up with B & C.


Though India has the largest chunk of world graduates in reality the situation is dismal comapred to B & C.Overall literacy rate is no better than B &C .It wll take another 50 years for India to reach around 90 % literacy rate ,for knowledge based economy this is the foundation.

This is can be futher detailed by understanding the school dropouts comparing the countries. This implies that present educational system is not able cope with huge volume whether in terms of quality or quantity.

Next important factor for a knowledge based society is the access to technology ,though India boasts of 800 million mobile connections ,their applications have limited to telephony rather than information decimation like B & C.


When it comes to health India is not even stand near sub-saharan africa where its far better in terms of access to heathcare .Even in this IT era 90 % of medical equipments have to imported from developed countries.This is because of the education system which doesnt allow to think and create . If cost effective technology has to be created then it has come from the universities while most of our universities are just training centers.

Another important factor of health of the nation is the infant mortality rate while in India its aorund 70 deaths per 1000 B & C fare better around 10 .

This personifies into the life expectancy of citizen while B & C are almost there with developed countries India lags and just there along with poor countries. Considering our public health scenario ,where on earth old age is going to be taken care.

The two factors which determines the future of country in the present competitive and technology oreiented economy is the saving and greenary that has to be consdered. Even here India fasres no better for such a huge population is the area conserved and saving


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