Friday, October 28, 2011

Mother Inda Bleeding -Gender Inequality in Modern India-why it cant develop further?

In a country where women are worshipped as GOD , preceived the bearer of culture etc ,India is ranked one the lowest in terms (0.72) of Women Equality in society ,Indian women havent fared better even after all growth in last 2 decades ,its sad that even today maximum rape ,female infant mortality ,domestic violence and Urban inequality are higeshst in the world. In India after boasting so much about heritage and history women are just used as sex machines, bonded labourers in families and morally & physically abused class in the society .

The statistics are based on reports and recorded incidents ,if the incidents which are not recorded ,which are not reported its very dismal scenario.So country of 1.27 billion cannot progress further if the 50 % population is not contributing to the growth.

Worst of it is the case of children who have been abused the maximum in India is just better Sudan and Yemen no-where near the developed countries.What plays around is for 1.27 billion the percentage is huge!!


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